Thursday, September 16, 2004

At Work

It's one p.m in the afternoon here and I'm at 'work.' I qualified that word because so far it hasn't been - no customers yet. Which means I've been able to work on my novel. (I have the best bosses in the universe!) I put the last chapter together this morning and it feels good to know that much is completed, though there is still a LOT of work to do on the book as a whole, so I'm not celebrating yet. In fact, I think I'll hold off any kind of celebration until I have a signed contract for this one. This is the fifth - or is it sixth? - novel I've started. Four are now complete in rough drafts. I'm hoping this one will make it into print. Then I'd like to try marketing two others that are fantasy books. Fantasy is a hard sell in the CBA, but the first book was almost purchased several years ago so I think I'll try again.
I'm sitting in the back room of the shop - it's a small craft shop called the Walrus and Carpenter. Ten points if you know where that name comes from! The building is almost one hundred years old and on days like this it feels like it. The cold creeps in between all the loose boards and when the sun is shut out by low clouds it seems quite dingy and grey in here. I spent 12 years in the far north (Dawson City Yukon) so I have a thing about light. I need it or I'm in danger of thinking and doing things for which I cannot be held responsible. :) So I have every single light on in the building right now, tho it's the middle of the day.
I love being able to just flick a switch and have the lights come on. We lived in a log cabin with no electricity up north, so our only source of light was kerosene lanterns and one much prized propane light that I used for reading and writing. Anyone out there ever cooked by flashlight! It's a challenge! But hey, I'm glad we did it - the memories of that time are all bright, filled with good friends and much laughter.
Just had an inspiration. So I'm going back to my novel now. Toodlie do. :)M


Becca said...

I think I've got those points. Here's my guess:

Alice In Wonderland (or whatever Lewis Carroll book has the characters).

Since learning that Lewis was an opium user, I feel completely normal admitting that I find some of Alice's adventures a bit scary. (Still like "The Jabberwocky" though 'cause the made-up words are fun to pronounce.) Kids, stay away from drugs!

Joseph said...


This is not really a comment on your Blog posting, but on the one you made on my Blog ( Thank you for your prayer. I greatly appreciate it, and the prayer is much needed.

In Him,