Tuesday, September 14, 2004

First Post

Hi everyone. This is my first post on my first blog. I'm not sure exactly what I'll be posting here, but probably a mixture of mundane day to day things, odd thoughts and perhaps even an epiphany or two.

Just got home from my weekly horseback ride. I go out to a friend's farm each Tuesday and we saddle up for a couple of hours. Today was a bit short because I was late getting there and we both had things to get home to. It was a lovely ride, tho' - the trees here in central Alberta are just beginning to turn yellow and gold. We rode mostly on trails through the bush so it was refreshing, with that tingle of early morning fall, the grasses still wet and poplar leaves dripping with a heavy dew. We saw a bluebird today - a good sign that the strategies to bring them back to this area are working. No cougar tracks, thank goodness! Two foals have been killed in that area in the past month.

I'm off to have lunch now with a friend who just returned from her nephew's funeral. He was only 21, and his wife is expecting their second child. Such a shock and so sad.

Hope you join me here often. I'll try to post something each day.

Cheerio! Marci


Becca said...

Central Alberta has trees? ;) I grew up among mountains in BC, so Alberta seems flat and treeless.

I envy you the horse and the bluebird - we have crows, seagulls and pigeons here in Fredericton, but rarely any prettier birds. Horses are mighty scarce. ;)

Hope you have fun with your blog. Mine is the mixture you speak of, with a liberal sprinkling of movie talk.

Marci said...

Thanks for clicking in, Becca. Yes, actually the area where I live has a lot of trees - tho' not much variety - poplar, birch and spruce mostly - and we even have rolling hills! I lived in Saskatchewan for 3 years before coming here - now that's FLAT! When we arrived in Ponoka I thought we'd died and gone to heaven! And all the horses were bonus! :)M