Monday, September 27, 2004

Four Day Marathon

I think I'm still in recuperating mode after my four day marathon, but am starting to feel like I have my feet under me again. The meetings in Calgary went well. I'm the sole - perhaps token? - woman on the Western Region Council, but I enjoy the spark of the intellects and theologians at the table. Our association's president was there too, a man I admire and respect a great deal. It's always a pleasure to be in his presence.
The writers' conference also went well. I even sold a few books. :) Our main speaker, Deborah Gyapong, from Ottawa, did an excellent job and the workshops seemed to be well received. The closing session was done by Sigmund Brouwer and I was escpecially challenged by his message, which was, essentially, forget about being a Christian writer, just learn the craft and write as well as you possibly can. Sigmund signed a copy of his latest book for me, The Last Disciple, and his inscription choked me up a bit. We've known one another for about ten years and he's become a friend I value, not just because he's a great writer but because he's also honest, down-to-earth and a great encouragement to me.
I have today to breath easy, then I'm off to speak at a women's event Wednesday. Other speaking engagements coming down the pipe too, so it's never a dull moment.
:) blessings on all your endeavours. M

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