Thursday, September 30, 2004

Light of Eidon - a good read

I'm almost finished Light of Eidon by Karen Hancock. Great read for anyone who likes fantasy. I'd like to just curl up by the fireplace after supper tonight and finish it off, but my husband has booked us for two visits tonight, so I may be burning the midnight oil instead. I have a stack of books on my table by 'my chair' in our living room. My chair - which I actually share with our six-toed callico cat named Moxi - is a small recliner right by the fireplace. I put a small table/bookcase there so I could line up all my 'next reads' but the bookcase isn't big enough so the books are stacked on top! Maybe I should slow down and stop buying/borrowing books for a while. :)

My talk at the Sonrise Church went well last night, and I even sold a few books. I sold a few at the Inscribe writers' conference too, and three more here at the shop this month, (I'm at work right now) so I'll be able to make a nice deposit into my book account. I'm saving up to do a second edition of The Spur.

Today feels like winter is trying to get through the cracks. The wind is whipping the leaves off the trees. It will be mostly gray on the trail when I ride on Tuesday, I'm sure. I meant to take my camera last week and forgot it. Too bad because it was a beautiful day - calm and golden with sun and flashes of falling leaves. We rode on the ridge above the lake, then through the woods for about four miles in a loop back to the Edwards' farm. I am so thankful to them and to the Lord for giving me these wonderful days to ride. I hope we have a few more before the snow comes. Brrrr - don't like to think about that yet!
blessings to you all. :)M

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Becca said...

I like the fresh fall air, too. It isn't humid like the summers here in Fredericton and there's no windchill as we have in the winter. I'm not looking forward to the blizzard season!