Saturday, September 18, 2004

Lines In My Head

Sometimes I have a line in my head that just won't go away until I do something with it - that is, put it into a story, or a poem or something in black and white. It happened this morning as I was driving around town looking for more places to drop off the CrossWalk newsletter. I was driving down one of the main streets that's lined with good sized Elm trees. (Yes, Becca, we do have Elm trees in Alberta! :)
Many of them are coated in gold now and even though it's kind of a dreary grey morning, they look beautiful. The line popped into my head and now won't leave. So I'll have to do something with it at some point today.

I notice my posts have so far gone unnoticed so I guess I'll have to start spreading the word if I want this to be a worthwhile thing. I could just continue to write into a vaccuum, but I would like some feedback and maybe some dialogue to go on now and then. And I don't want Becca to get tossed around in the bag all by herself! :)

I picked up an old stand-by yesterday. It's a journal my daughter bought me for Christmas a few years ago - to go with the devotional My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. I've read that book about 4 times now and Chambers hits me between the eyes every time. I've written in the journal each time I've read the book, and it's interesting to see the different perspectives, different thoughts, even some noticable growth over the years. Most journals of that type don't leave a lot of room to write, but this one has big pages so I should be able to get a couple more years out of it if I keep writing tiny. :) Yesterday's thought was about Satan's intention in tempting us. It isn't just to make us sin, it isn't just to cause havoc, it's to wipe out God's plans to bring Glory to Himself. Puts a whole new weight on why I need to resist. There's too much at stake to play around.

Well, I am at work, so I guess I'd better find something to do here. I probably won't post on Sunday, unless something hits me and just won't let go!

Blessings on your weekend. :)M

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Becca said...

And of course I have to comment, 'cause it's what tiggers do best. ;)

I know the feeling that you "write into a vacuum." I got few comments on my blog for a time, so I didn't have much motivation to write anything new. Now I get one every few entries and that helps out. Besides, now that I have my little sister blogging I can always pester her: "Did you read my latest entry? Didja didja?" :) (What are little sisters for if not to bug?)

Keep it up if it helps your writing and creativity. You know you have this reader hooked. :)

And I really do have to stop thinking of Alberta as all prairie land, don't I?