Wednesday, October 06, 2004

A Bad Disposition

Oswald Chambers' assessment in his Oct. 5th devotional is sobering. It's a different way to look at the whole idea of why sin came into the world. It came in because we allowed it. Indeed, we embrace it.
Chambers' statement hits the nail on the proverbial head - "The disposition of sin is not immorality and wrong-doing, but the disposition of self-realization - I am my own god. This disposition may work out in decorous morality or in indecorous immorality, but it has the one basis, my claim to my right to myself."
That was the curse of the pharisees as much as it was the curse of the theives and prostitutes Jesus associated with. And it is our curse today. The whole New Age philosopy is based on it.
It is a constant challenge to ward this off, to examine my own heart, my motives, my soul. I do so desperately want to be my own god. All of us do. That's what dying to self is all about, and it's a daily thing.
Thank God we don't have to fight it alone. Thank God He has given us His Spirit to help us do it. He has put His Spiriti in us and by that power we can defeat even this most base instinct. Praise His name!


Angie Poole said...

I've been wondering what my problem was today :-)

Thanks for the jolt.

Marci said...

You are most welcome, and thanks for dropping by. It's nice to know I'm not just blogging into a vacuum. :)M