Thursday, October 14, 2004

Going, going, gone

Some thoughts on Oswald -
I like his interpretation of the phrase, "Go ye" - he says "Go simply means live." Of course he qualifies that - it means to live in a state of abiding in Christ. When we do that, God "undertakes to establish the goings."
I think too often we get distracted by all the details -whether it's worth while to go on a short term mission, should I take this job or go back to school - etc. etc. All the questions and conunbrums of life can bog us down so that we forget to live in Him. We can not only live in Him, we can relax in Him. It doesn't really matter what the going looks like, as long as we are abiding in Jesus as we go, turning to Him for the strength, courage, and joy to live our lives each day. When he said that "All power is given to me," he said it knowing how hard life is, know how easily we get distracted. But we have his power and grace and love at our disposal. How can we lose? All we have to do is live! And then one day we'll be gone, gone into His presence completely. Yahoo! :)

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And have a blessed day, "going." :)


Becca said...

I also liked that insight from Oswald. So many times we are given the impression that we must be travelling to witness, but the truth is that we have to learn to abide in Christ wherever we are. There are many opportunities close to home, not just in faraway locations.

Marci said...

Yes, and if we aren't doing it at home, we certainly won't do it on the other side of the earth where there are so many more barriers to sharing our faith.