Monday, October 04, 2004

Nothing in the Way

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Chambers says - "This is your line of service - to see that there is nothing between Jesus and yourself." This is the struggle of daily life, and I suppose always will be until we are with Him, fully redeemed. The good news is that Jesus intends it to be this way. He intends we struggle toward Him, to "win the prize" as Paul put it. It's in the struggle that we learn about Him. Our failures can sometimes knock us back, but if we keep focused on the Lord, we can't help but move toward Him again. His Spirit in us will always make it so. We are forever connected to Him, like the branch grafted into to the vine. My 'company' name came from this idea - VineMarc - a play on words with the first part of my name and the idea of being marked by the Vine. Some days I don't feel like that's true. But then there are others ... and every day I'm aware of Him, His mercy and compassion drawing me. All to His glory.

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