Tuesday, October 26, 2004

OC says - "We give credit to human wisdom when we shuld give credit to the Divine guidance of God through childlike people who were foolish enough to trust God's wisdom and the supernatural equipment of God."

Foolish enough to trust God....
A pastor/friend emailed this morning and told how he was stopped in his tracks this past Sunday. He had his sermon all ready, laid out and diligently memorized, but then he sensed God telling him not to preach it. He announced that to his congregation at the beginning of the service. By the time the few songs and hymns had been sung, he knew what God wanted him to say instead. Kevin was foolish enough to trust God.

This is a very timely reminder for me. I'm preparing a talk for a women's group on Nov. 16th. Speaking is pure joy to me - like the famous line in Chariot's of fire, when I speak I feel God's pleasure. I'm very much aware of him standing beside me at the podium. It's a humbling experience. I spoke at a women's retreat a few years ago and had, like Kevin, prepared diligently, but no matter how I tried, I could not find good openings for the sessions. I was speaking four times and wanted to open with just the right anecdote, or joke, or whatever. But nothing seemed suitable, so the openings were all blank when I went to the retreat. They were still blank when we gathered together to worship before the session, and they were still blank as the MC introduced me. As I stood up and walked to the podium the opening for that session came to me as clear as a bell. The same thing happened at each session. I think God was just wanting to let me know who was really in control!
Foolish enough to trust God - to know his wisdom is so much higher - to know his equipment is the only kind that will supply what we need.
May we all be so blessed. :)M

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