Saturday, October 16, 2004

Snow Day in November

Snow Day in November? Yup. 7 cm of the white stuff on the gound this morning. I guess it's too late now to bring my geraniums in. Sigh. That's Alberta for you.

I wasn't supposed to work today - thought it was going to be a relaxing day of doing laundry and cooking a turkey for a dinner at our church tonight. Then the phone rang. I have four bosses where I work and they all live out in the country. Most of them don't like driving when the roads are icy, so they will often call me when winter blows in. But that's usually Dec.- March. November is a bit early!
But I was glad to get the extra day. Had hoped to do more work on my novel, but the disc I've been using seems to have gotten corrupted, so I've spent a rather quiet day reading instead - and waiting on the few customers who've braved the weather to come out and shop.

Anyone out there read Ghosts by Adrian Plass? He's a Brit and I love the wording in this book. Appeals to my Anglo Saxon blood I guess. It's also a good read on several other levels.

Unfortunately when I dashed from the house this morning I neglected to grab my Oswald Chambers journal, so I'll have no comment on that right now.

Hope the weather's better wherever you are! Blessings on your day. :)M

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