Saturday, November 27, 2004

A Culture Committed to Distractions

OC wrote - "If I brood on the Cross of Christ, ... I become dominantly concentrated on Jesus Christ's interests."

We've just come back from a week-long trip to Southern California. It was a rather spontaneous trip to visit friends we knew in Papua New Guinea. The visit was good, catching up and just relaxing. Clif is a translator and passionate about his work. It's a joy to listen to him talk about translating the scriptures and teaching the people.
That was in rather stark contrast to his surroundings. He expressed a lot of restlessness and dissatisfaction with his environment there in a subburb of San Diego, and it's no wonder. He is now living in a culture committed to distractions.

For instance, we went to an enormous electronics store where you could buy any kind of gadget made on the planet or stroll through the building watching live tropical fish in huge tanks placed throughout the store. Distractions. All kinds of them and they do their job well.

When we were home - and very glad to be back in small-town Alberta - my husband commented on how focused our culture is on distractions. Even here in backwater AB, they are there in abundance and we get sucked into them without even resisting. The Christmas season is of course a prime time for it.

How much would our society change, I wonder, if we spent time focusing on the interests of Christ instead?
I think we would be far more people oriented rather than thing oriented, far more focused on things of eternity rather than on things that will rust and decay.

A good thing to ponder as we dive into December.

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