Friday, November 12, 2004

Doing the Shuffle

OC asks - "... can I stand inthe light of 1Corinthians 13, or do I have to shuffle?"

Another hard question. I had to memorize 1Cor. 13 once. Yes, the whole thing, word for word, commas included. I was taking a class at Briercrest Bible College and memorizing was a requirement. I scored 100% on the test but that was not the only benefit. I was leading a women's Bible study at the time, on the campus where my husband was also a student. The scripture had such a powerful affect I almost quit teaching. I realized I'd been doing it out of all the wrong motives. The only right motive being love. It was one of those times when the words of the Bible seared my heart and soul and left me changed forever. I had to re-evaluate everything, take a long honest look at what I was doing and why. It wasn't easy.
I think maybe I need to do it again.

How much do we really do out of the pure motive of love? When I think of my day, sometimes it seems like there isn't a lot in it that is driven by that motivation. When I think of the life of Christ I realize there was nothing he did that wasn't motivated by it. Gives a whole new slant to wwjd.

Praise God that in our weakness He is our strength. The wee bit of love we manage to give out is poured through us from His Spirit. Maybe that's the problem. We don't understand how much He is pouring into us, how much He wants to pour into us. All we have to do is be willing to let it flow and find places to let it pour out.

Then we would be able to stand in the light of the words of God and smile. Maybe even sing and dance a little. :)

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