Monday, November 01, 2004

The Grip of the Pierced Hand

OC says - He comes with the grip of the pierced hand of His Son, and says - "Enter into fellowship with Me; arise and shine." If through a broken heart God can bring His purposes to pass in the world, then thank Him for breaking your heart."

In our 'modern' age that last sentence is not acceptable. Outraged voices will cry out that God does not break our hearts. He's there for us. He wants to make us happy, to give us peace. A closer read of the Bible might tell us otherwise. Didn't He break Peter's heart when the cock crowed? Didn't He even tell him it would happen? Didn't He break his mother's heart by going to the cross? Didn't He break Mary and Martha's heart by delaying long enough to allow Lazarus to die?

It seems to be evidence that Oswald's premise is true - "God breaks up the private life of His saints and makes it a thoroughfare for the world on the one hand and for Himself on the other."

It's not about me. It's about Him. And if it takes a broken heart to accomplish his purposes, then He will do it. The key is in the character of God. He won't do it out of malice or anger or vengence. He will do it out of love, because He is the best for us and to reach Him, to know Him, to understand Him, we sometimes have to experience pain.

I don't like it any more than anyone else, but I pray I will have the courage of faith to accept it when it comes my way, knowing His grace is sufficient, His love is sure, His glory paramount.

Blessings on your day. Marci

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