Saturday, November 13, 2004

How Much Will We Sacrifice?

OC asks - "How can we talk of making a sacrifice for God?"

Yet often our thoughts go in that bent. When we decided to leave the Yukon and go to Saskatchewan for Bible College, it meant selling the octagonal log home we had built on the banks of the Klondike River. We thought it would sell immediately. Titled land is hard to come by there and we had five acres. But all the people who'd said, "if you ever want to sell ..." seemed to have vanished. One month before we were due to leave it still hadn't sold. Then two weeks. Finally we decided to rent it and made an agreement with the new butcher in town. Two days before we were to leave Spence drove into town to mail away the last of our boxes, including all our kitchen utensils, pots, pans etc. He mailed them and went to drop off the key to our renter. The man said he was sorry but he'd just rented a place in town instead! Spence said he was in a daze, sitting in the truck wondering if he should go back to the post office and get our kitchen back. Then a friend walked by and told him to take Katie, our 5 yr.old to the park to see the floats, clowns etc. gathered there after the Discovery Days Parade. Spence said it was the last thing he wanted to do, but Katie begged and he relented, pulling into a parking spot in front of the park (a miracle in itself considering the number of people in town). When he got out a woman was standing on the sidewalk and said, "Oh, I'm really glad I ran into you. Art (her husband) thinks we should buy your house."
Spence found him (another miracle in that crowd), and he said he'd come by at five o'clock that evening to talk. He said he'd had a dream and he thought God was telling him to buy our property.
Five o'clock came and no Art. Five thirty came and went. At six o'clock Spence got down on his knees and prayed. He said he just let it all go and told God that it didn't matter what happened. "You are my God whether I stay here and look like a fool, or go to Bible College as planned. It's all up to You. Just show me what to do now." He opened his eyes and heard Art's truck coming up the drive. He walked into the house with a cheque in his hand.
Spence realized later he'd been thinking how great a sacrifice we were offering to God - giving up our home and property, prime real estate, for Jesus. Weren't we great?! Then the "sacrifice" that had seemed like such a jewel became more like something sticky he couldn't shake off of his hand. He just wanted to get rid of it. Then he realized how foolish it was to think of it as such a prize, such a sacrifice. It was nothing. There was nothing we could give God that had any value. Nothing we could do for Him that would make Him love us any more than He already did.
His gift of salvation and relationship is free. We don't have to pay Him back. We don't have to sacrifice. We just have to love Him in return. How great a God He is!

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violet said...

Marci, what a great story. What a great God!