Thursday, December 23, 2004

Bringing Christmas Home

I came across a little book of poetry a while ago, called Poetry and Spiritual Pracitce. (available by contacting The St. Thomas Poetry Series, ( )
It's a great little book and I was delighted to find a poet included in its pages whom I'd admired before. His name is John Terpstra. (check out his webpage - )
The poem is called The Little Towns of Bethlehem. I tried to post it, with John's gracious permission, but it won't cut and paste with the format in tact and I don't want to post it without, because the formatting is important. I'll have to just tell you that the poem mentions the names of several small towns across Canada - To give you the idea, I'll quote the first four lines -

For unto us
in Aklavik
is born a child, in

When I read the poem I was struck by how it brought the Christmas story home to me, because of the use of the familiar names. I even live a stone's throw from a couple of them.

I pray that the Christmas story will be brought home to all of you this week and in the coming New Year.

Blessings to you all, Marci

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