Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Time for the Angels to Sing

Winter has arrived here in Central Alberta - a dump of snow and minus 20 something today. I think my once-northern blood has thinned out. I seem to feel the cold more than I used to . Or maybe I'm just getting old!

This Friday is our church's Christmas banquet and tableau. We're doing a shadow play this year with adults reading from scripture while the kids depict the scenes behind a large screen with a spotlight on it. Quite effective. We also have a few of the littler kids doing things in the front - that's my department - trying to get them to go and come as needed. As usual the first two rehearsals were chaotic, but I think it will all come together in the end. :)

That's kind of the promise of Christmas, isn't it? It all comes together in the end. The end, which we celebrate at Easter, seems like a nightmare and a victory for Satan, but in fact it was a dream come true. The dream originated in the heart of our amazing God and he will go to whatever ends necessary to make it all come to fruition.
No wonder the angels sang!

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