Saturday, December 11, 2004

Wise Men with Sling Shots and other Seasonal Things

Well, the program went well, as always. It was a bit chaotic up at the front where the kids were lined up in costumes. The three wise men wanted to socialize at every opportunity and one of them discovered that he could wing the beads that had fallen off his crown way over to the middle of the church if he used a shepherd's head band as a sling shot. Mary was squirmming - her costume was made of wool - and Joseph couldn't decide if he should dress in brown or blue, so kept changing every few minutes.
But the audience seemed oblivious to all of that and the applause at the end was long and loud. Next year I think I'll suggest we have the banquet after the performance. All that turkey rumbled around in my stomach due to nerves!
This pangeant, as all pangeants do, reminded me of my "first" Christmas. I was 32 years old. No, I didn't grow up in a bubble - well, come to think of it, maybe I did - a bubble of unbelief that was suddenly burst when my first daughter was born in 1982. That was my first Christmas as a believer and I remember a woman leaning over my shoulder as I held my 10 day-old baby and watched the kids in the Christmas play - she whispered, "See what you have to look forward to now?" Her words still echo in my mind. I have eternity to look forward to - an eternity of hearing the angels sing Gloria - Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

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