Monday, January 10, 2005

Cold on a Monday

You know I lived in the Yukon for 12 years, and often my mind and heart goes back there, but my blood doesn't seem to remember it. It was only about -20 here today and I shivered from the minute my toes hit the wood floor in our kitchen till I finally got home a couple of hours ago, put on yet another sweater and made myself a cup of very hot tea. The bad news is that it's getting colder as the week goes on. Ah Canada!

Today was a bit of a milestone day - I sent the first sixty pages of my novel off to an acquisitons editor. Exciting. Scary. Fun. Even if I did sit at the computer till 1 a.m. doing the final, final, final revision! Does it ever end? The good news is, no. :)
I'm trying not to let my mind go careening down the tunnel of possibilities - yet - but I really hope they like it enough to want the whole ms.

The suspense leading up to my win at FiF and InFuze in December just about killed me - watching all those stories being posted day by day, hoping to see mine there and being disappointed every day. I hope this wait isn't that bad. I told myself today that I have to just forget about it. It's gone. What happens happens, let God control it all. But here I am blogging about it!

Anyway - I hope to get back to posting some thoughts on Oswald Chambers soon - maybe tomorrow.
See you then. :)M

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