Monday, January 03, 2005

First Things

First things - to love my God and my family as well as I can. To hold nothing too tightly that should have no claim on my soul. To give even those I don't agree with the dignity they deserve. To laugh often with my husband, my children, my friends. To cry with them sometimes. To cherish waking every morning in their company. To enjoy my church with all its character and characters. To write every day and thank God for the privilege. To remember there are women in the world who don't name their children until they are two years old because they know their children may not live that long. To forget quickly the darts that sometimes sting and forgive even more quickly the words that threaten to scar. To give willingly when I can and receive with grace when things come my way. To hold honesty and integrity in high regard in others and to pursue it in my own life. To make no claim or reward without giving God his due. To rest in knowing all things, all life, all breath are held in the palm of His hand and controlled by the twitch of his fingers. To smile when I think of Him.

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