Thursday, January 06, 2005

Oh, By The Way

I Won!
I think just about everyone I know already knows this, but I just realize I didn't post it here. I won the Christmas contest sponsored by Dave Long from Bethany House and Robin Parrish at InFuze Magazine -
The Story is posted at InFuze - scroll down to the bottom where you'll see a button for Short Stories. Click there and Missing Christmas will appear.

I was truly shocked to win. In fact, as the top ten were posted each day I had been quite bummed out that my story hadn't placed. On the final day I wasn't able to click in to read the winning story until my lunch break at work. I sat and stared at the title and my own name for several minutes before it registered.

Dave emailed to tell me I'll be receiving three - count 'em - three! books.
Now all I have to do is finish Moby Dick before they arrive!

And speaking of Moby, I'm loving it. Great writing - no wonder it's a classic. The readers' group I belong to will be meeting tomorrow to start discussing it. None of us is finished yet, so it will take more than one session to get through it. I've compiled my list of want-to-reads for the group - it's quite long so it's going to be hard to choose if anyone else has a list as well. The group is quite diverse - some wanting to read only CBA, some wanting more classics, some willing to read whatever (I'm in that category).

It's snowing here again. Good for the farmers' fields. :)

Blessings, Marci


Becca said...

Can you share any titles on those books you get?

This morning, I finished reading "Double Vision" by Randall Ingermanson. :) And now I'm beginning "Women's Intuition" by Lisa Samson. Whee-hoo!

Marci said...

Hi Becca - Yes - Dave picked one - Patti Hall's Like a Watered Garden. I picked Karen Hancock's second fantasy novel, The Shadow Within, and James Scott Bell's Glimpses of Paradise which will be released in April. Looking forward to reading them all. :)M