Thursday, January 20, 2005

Sharing Air

My husband preached a great sermon on Sunday. I admit I'm biased, but in my humble opinion his sermons are usually great. But then he's been in this church for 17 years, so I guess there are a few others who share my opinion. BTW - you can hear them by going to

Anyway - at one point he used an illustration from his time in the military when he was being taught to dive. He was paired with another man and told to do a descent to 35 feet. The catch was, they had only one tank of air and one breathing apparatus between them. I thought how my attitude would change toward that other person, if it were me, sinking lower and lower into the water. At 15 feet he's just another guy. At 25 feet, he's the guy I'm sharing my air with. At 35 feet, he's the guy who's got control of the air 50% of the time.

Crisis usually creates dependance. It is often critical who you choose to depend on. At 35 feet under water, Spence was forced to depend on that other man. He had to trust that he would hand the mouth piece back after taking his turn at breathing. He thought about that every time he took the apparatus out of his own mouth and handed it over.

Normally, here on earth, we don't often think of ourselves as being in a place of dependance. We walk around breathing normally and functioning easily. Until something goes wrong. An asthma attack makes us realize how precious each breath is. ALS makes us realize how wonderful it is to be able to feed ourselves, walk and talk. A stroke makes us realize how much we need to talk and communicate clearly. A car accident makes us realize how fine the line is between life and death.

A friend of ours has ALS. Some call it Lou Gerig's disease. Every time I talk with him I realize how dependant we all are on God. Doug depends on Him for every labored breath and knows that unless God intervenes, his last breath probably isn't very far away. But Doug knows the guy who's holding the breathing apparatus and he knows that when he decides not to hand it back, it won't be an end, but a beginning.

We know trusting other people is risky. We know a little too much about human nature to feel really comfortable trusting anyone with our life. But knowing the One who holds your life in His hands is a sure way to avoid panic attacks. Because once you know Him, you love Him and are assured of His absolute love for you.

And He's already proven He'd die for you.

Blessings on your day. :)Marci

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