Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Two Nevers

OC says - "Never try and help God fulfill His word."

Oh, how we try! We imagine it our destiny to help God. And this, in its essence, is arrogance and lack of faith. It leads to what OC warns against in his next few words - "Never pump up joy and confidence, but stay upon God."

When we believe we must help God, we must pump ourselves up, put on the masks that tell everyone everything is wonderful. Failure is not an option. Obedience is pure duty. We must "pump up joy" because there is none flowing naturally.

We've all met saints like this. They burn out quickly. They may even fall completely away from the Lord because, in their failure, they blame God.

"Stay upon God" - it's the abiding principle again. The one that is so hard for us to understand, so hard for us to live in. And the more we struggle to do it, the harder it is. Staying, abiding, is all about rest, not struggle. When we rest in God we understand that He doesn't need our help, but he wants to include us in what He's doing - to bless others through us, and thereby shower us with His love and mercy.

Oh how deeply we - I - need to learn this lesson!


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violet said...

Marci, just read this after reading today's excellent 'Spur' - about doing nothing. How true!Reminds me of something I read in Tozer - from 'That Incredible Christian' - "He (the Christian) sometimes does most by doing nothing and goes furthest when standing still." Oh to learn this invaluable lesson!