Tuesday, January 18, 2005

When hearts beat faster

The phone jangled and made me sit up straight. I'd almost nodded off, aware that my husband had just crawled into bed beside me. He leaped for the phone. I started praying. As a pastor's wife, I'm used to midnight phone calls but they are never good news. I could hear the panicy voice on the other end.
"Dad. I just rolled the Tracker. But I'm okay."

We were both dressed and out the door in seconds. I was still praying, now asking that He keep us safe as we skidded down the hill where we live. The streets had been turned into skating rinks by a freezing rain.

We arrived on the scene without going into the ditch ourselves, and were relieved to find that our daughter was okay. She'd driven all the way from Edmonton (one hour north) and was only two miles from home when, on a down-hill slope, the vehicle went into a skid. She was going so slowly she didn't even bump her head. If the embankment hadn't been so steep, the Tracker probably wouldn't have rolled, but there it was, on its side. Katie's fiance arrived moments later and after making sure the paramedic did a thorough job, agreed to let Kate come home with us while he went back to work. The Tracker belongs to him, but he was more concerned about Kate than the vehicle. He's a good man! :)

I made a cup of tea once we were safely home, and we laughed at how our cat wound herself around Kate's legs and leaped into her lap when she sat down. It seemed like she was thankful to see Kate in one piece too.

My heart rate had finally returned to normal by the time I crawled back into bed. I wondered about the amazing way our bodies are designed. The adrenilin that rushed through us was probably enough to give us the strength of the Incredible Hulk. I know it was enough to keep me awake for some time.

Anyway, all that to say, Thank you Lord, for keeping Kate safe!

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