Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Always Home

My husband and I just returned from a weekend in the city of Edmonton, where we attended Breakforth Canada, 2005. It was a good time, listening to some topnotch speakers and some rather loud music. :)

I attended most of Jill Briscoe's sessions on the Holy Spirit - excellent teaching. To learn more about Jill and her husband, Stuart go to

Jill talked about being stranded in Newfoundland on 9/11 and some of the conversations she had there with a few of the hundreds taking shelter in a Salvation Army chapel. One of her stories was about meeting a famous model. She’d noticed the beautiful young woman and had felt the Spirit nudging her to connect with her. But when she tried to get close enough to strike up a conversation, there were always so many people, mostly men, around the model, that Jill couldn’t get close enough. So she prayed. The Holy Spirit told her to smile. So for the next couple of days that’s what she did. The young woman’s eyes seemed to wander her way a lot. Every time, Jill smiled. Finally she came to Jill. “What on earth do you have to smile about?” she asked. Their conversation quickly turned to spiritual things. When the model said that all she wanted was to go home, Jill replied, "I am home." She explained how that could be, though she was thousands of miles from the place where she lives, her family and friends.

As I heard Mrs. Briscoe tell that story, it made me think of an experience I had many years ago. I had been traveling in Europe, mostly Spain and Portugal, and had just returned. It took just over thirty-six hours to go from Madrid to Esnagi Lake, an isolated place in northern Ontario, where a job was waiting for me. The afternoon I arrived, I went for a swim and fell asleep on an air mattress. When I woke I was disoriented. I stared at the line of dark pine trees trimming the high cliffs. A loon let out its plaintive cry. I knew immediately I was not in Spain, but where was I? Then my foot slipped off the mattress and hit the cold water. Instantly my mind clicked into gear and I thought. “Ah, Canada. I’m home.”

There is one sure way to know where you are, to know you are always ‘home,’ no matter your location on the globe. Keep at least one foot in the water – the water of life. That is Jill Briscoe’s secret, the one she shared with that famous model while stranded in Newfoundland. Mrs. Briscoe stays connected to the One who is home to her, the One who can be home to all of us, Jesus Christ.

In John 14:23 Jesus says – “If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching. My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.”

When God makes His home in you, you are always at home with Him.

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