Friday, March 04, 2005

Supplying the Need

When I lived in the Yukon, it was necessary to do a lot of canning and preserving at the end of the summer. Food was expensive and fresh vegetables were often in short supply. So I did a lot of canning and so did my friends. Canning jars were always a very desirable commodity.
We were coming close to the end of the growing season when I visited my friend Brenda one day and she mentioned that she was concerned that she might not have enough jars to put up all of her garden. I wanted to help her out so I made a mental note to bring her some the next time I went to town. A few days later my husband had to take some things to the community dump.
Now, at the risk of putting myself in an unfavourable light, I must confess I have been a dump shopper. In Dawson, everyone was. In a place were everything was through-the-roof expensive, you learned how to scrounge. Well, we arrived at the dump that afternoon and lo and behold there was a box of jars sitting right on the edge, sparkling in the sunshine. They looked like they’d been freshly washed. Some of them even had lids.
I immediately scooped them up and told Spence we had to make a stop at Brenda’s house. She wasn’t home when we arrived so I left the box of jars on her doorstep, intending to call her later. I got distracted and didn’t get around to making that phone call so it wasn’t until many weeks later that I remembered them. I was having tea with Brenda again and asked if those few jars had been enough to make up her shortfall.
Brenda started to laugh. In fact, she just about fell off her chair, she was laughing so hard. All she could manage to say was – it was you! It was you!
You see, it was Brenda who had taken the jars to the dump. She had told everyone that she was running short and had received so many contributions from friends that she had too many and decided to share her wealth. But no-one else seemed to need them. Knowing how people shopped at the dump, she made sure they were nice and clean and left them there. She was quite shocked to find them sitting on her doorstep when she got home that day!
We still laugh about those jars!
Unlike my failed attempts to supply my friend’s needs, Jesus never fails to do just that. He knows exactly what we need and when we need it. Phil 4:19 says – "And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus."
Sometimes, He even gives you a good laugh while He's doing it.

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Angie Poole said...


What a beautiful story.

I only can one thing, and it's been a while. I make Dewberry Jelly. (Wild blackberries.)

The first time I canned, I knocked-over the contents of a wide-mouthed pint jar into the crack between my counter and my ice box.

What a sticky purple mess!