Friday, May 06, 2005

Little words

Sometimes little words can make all the difference. Take Colossians 3:3 for instance - "For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God."
That little word with struck me - I've pondered the mystery of being in Christ, I know I've been saved by Christ, and now, this little phrase, with Christ. It speaks of our sibling relationship with Him. He is my brother, though he is a King.
With Christ - beside Him, as I work, when I laugh, when I cry, even when I sin. He never leaves my side, though that last little word, sin, will put a wall between us until I ask Him to remove it.
And then that other phrase, in God. In God! The thought is overwhelming. It makes me think of stories of people who have been picked up by tornadoes. Yet at the same time it makes me think of being rocked by a gentle sea.
Little words. Much to ponder.


Paula said...

Great post. I have a slightly different take on one thing. If I'm understanding you, you're saying that sin puts a wall between us and God even after we've chosen to live that life hidden in Christ.

I believe sin puts a wall between before we ask Christ to take it away the first time, but after we admit we need him, I don't believe it ever puts a wall between us again. (Unless we choose to put it there ourselves out of guilt or rebellion.)

As we live that new life hidden in Christ, we always benefit from His close care. When we blow it He doesn't turn away from us. Instead, He wraps His arms around us and shows us a better way. He convicts us of our sin, but again, that isn't a wall, but a continued relationship.

Marci said...

Hi Paula. I see your point, but you said - "Unless we choose to put it there ourselves out of guilt or rebellion."
From my perspective, all sin is rebellion and though he will never turn away from us once we belong to Him, we have broken that close connection. The relationship of grace continues as He works, by conviction or other means, to draw us back, but it isn't whole until we agree with Him and turn back (repentance). That's how I see it.