Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Counting the Hours

My daughter is in the air somewhere over the Atlantic. I'm counting the hours until she arrives in London, then will count again until she reaches her destination in Asia. Praying helps. Join me if you're so inclined. Her name is Laura.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Midnight Musings

It's late and I should be asleep because we have a very busy day tomorrow. I teach Sunday school while my husband travels to a small community south of here to preach in the new church plant. He'll arrive back at our church in time to preach there, then we have a memorial service at the home of a friend. Her brother just died but because of tension in the family they aren't going to be at his memorial service so they are having a small gathering to try and do one on their own. So sad to see such pain upon pain.

Then we'll be on the road again, north this time to attend a gathering of a few pastors & wives. It's about 2 hours from here so we probably won't be home till midnight.
And here I am wide awake. Serves me right, though - Spence brought me a piece of chocolate cake about 7:00 and I ate it. Bad thing to do if you want to sleep!

Anyway - Laura is in Toronto - leaves for Bangladesh on Tuesday. She seems to be getting nervous. So am I. She'll have a few hours layover in London but a direct flight from there to Bangladesh so that's good.

In some ways I'll feel better once she's there.

I'm reading a great book by Carol Kent - When I Lay My Isaac Down.
Wow. It was loaned to me but I'm going to go buy a copy - it's one those you want to have on hand to lend to friends and read again yourself.

Maybe i'll try and sleep now. 'Night. m

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

New Book

Hi everyone. Here's a look at my new devotional book. Cover designed by my daughter :)

With an emphasis on those special occasions when an apt word needs to be spoken, Focussed Reflections provides inspirational thoughts that can be read over and over. Many have requested this addition to Marcia Laycock’s first devotional book, The Spur of The Moment.

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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Chicken Pizza for supper

Yes, that's what we had, and something didn't agree with me - not sure if it was the chicken or the pineapple - but here I am at 1:30 a.m. wide awake. I should be working on my novel - in fact I am going to when I'm finished this but just thought I should confess.

My daughter leaves for Bangladesh in less than two weeks and there are moments when it's all I can do to keep from wanting to tie her up and lock her in her room. I'm having a battle with fear, with all the "what-ifs" rampaging through my brain, lighting fires of panic as they go. Trust has become a big word in my vocabulary. But then I have moments when I think I'm a terrible mother for allowing her to even think of doing this. Shouldn't I be trying to keep her safe at home? But then I think of my own mother and what she said to me when I told her I was running off to the Yukon when I was about Laura's age. She said if she were my age she'd want to do the same thing. Dito. but it's so much easier to do those things yourself. Watching your kids do them is almost too hard. Trust. I keep hanging on to that word.