Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Fighting the Frets

My daughter is in Asia now, trying to cope with culture shock and begin to do the job she went there to do. Her emails sound good, though I can read between the lines a bit and know that she has many moments of wondering what on earth she has done. She said she dreamed about us the other night and then when she woke up didn't know where she was.
I had a similar experience in Papua New Guinea. We were at 'jungle camp' - our orientation time before going on to the place where we lived for that year - I was dreaming about snow - and as I woke up thought I heard sleigh-bells. Then I thought, if it's winter, why am I so hot? When I was finally conscious i realized the sleighbell sound was the incessant insect noises in the jungle - cicadas etc. Made me laugh out loud. :)
Part of me is still fretting for Laura - the 'what ifs' keep rearing their heads - but I'm fighting it with prayer and reminding myself that she has the best companion anyone could hope for - Jesus Himself.

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