Monday, January 16, 2006

Colour on a Grey Day

The sun was out today, for the first time in quite a while here. It's been a very grey world - coated in hoar frost with nothing to burn it off. But today the sun did shine and it was lovely.

I watched the kids coming out of my daughter's school and thought of how we Canadians dress so drab in winter - no colour, all blacks and dark greens. I remember how I became so aware of that when we came home from Papua New Guinea that December of '96. I was so used to all the colour of the tropics - the bright reds, oranges, purples - but what was the first thing I did? - bought a dark green coat!

Maybe it's the chameleon syndrome - we all want to fit in so desperately. We mimic our surroundings. Like the day I went to Whitehorse, into my favourite second hand store, and told the salesgirl I needed something "churchy." I'd just become a Christian and didn't own a dress or anything but jeans. No-one told me I should buy new clothes. I just wanted to fit in, so I bought a long blue skirt (dark of course) and a white long-sleeved blouse. It did the job.

I just read a woman's article on how she bought a bright red purse once, knowing she probably would never use it. She didn't want to stand out. But then she decided one day that she really loved that purse - it said something about her that she wanted to say. So she was determined to use it, as a symbol that she was going to be who she was, not the person everyone else wanted to see. It reminded me of a bright orange sweater I have in my closet. I've never worn it. It would make me stand out.

Life is too short for that. And I think God wants us to be who we are. After all, He made us this way. So maybe tomorrow I'll wear the orange sweater. I think it will go quite well on the backdrop of all this grey.


Dawn said...

Just found your blog in the past few days and I'm enjoying your writing! Many of your entries have made me think and touched my heart - thanks! Here's a 'it's a small world' moment for you - my husband and I are actually friends with Jeff and Alanna back from our days at Briercrest (Jeff was a groomsman in our wedding!). What a coincidence (or not :)) that I would stumble across your blog out of all the millions out there.

God bless you! (oh, and if you mention us to Jeff, tell him Greg Clark (I usually use my middle name on the internet, so he won't recognize 'Dawn'))

Marci said...

Hi Dawn. Wow - how cool that we have connected with mutual connections! :) I'll say hi to Jeff and Alanna for you.
Blessings. Marci