Friday, January 06, 2006

Field Tests

Blind Spots. We all have them. As an optometric assistant one of my duties is to test patients for peripheral vision. The "Fields" test requires the patient to click a small trigger every time he/she sees a flash of light on a screen. The flashes are arranged in a circular pattern, and record the intensity numerically. The test is recorded and then printed on paper for the doctors to read. Any flashes the patient was unable to see, because of cataracts for instance, will appear dark on the print-out.

The interesting thing is that there is always a small dark spot on the print-out. Everyone, it seems, has a blind spot. We are, of course, unaware of that. Our brain tells us we are seeing just fine, thank you very much.

Our brain seems to do something similar in other areas too. An article appeared in our local paper this week that illustrates the point. A local minister, who is of a decided liberal persuasion, wrote quite a diatribe on "fundamentalists" who are so very very intolerant. Of course he and his wife, also a minister in the same church, take every opportunity to kick at others in the community who are not of their particular stripe.

Perhaps they should read Matthew 7:3-5

Perhaps we all should.


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