Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Popping Corn Reflex

I taught a religious ed. class today, to a group of grade five kids in a public school. Yes, we can still do that here in Alberta. Praise the Lord! I was in the middle of having a great time when the teacher (a substitute) suddenly broke in and told the kids they couldn't just all jump up and answer the questions whenever they wanted. They had to put their hands up. Now, I understand why she did that. It was getting a little loud. But it was such a hoot to see these kids popping up like kernels of corn that just couldn't not pop!

As I drove home I wondered, how do we lose that? How does it happen that from grade four to grade eight the kids suddenly are bored with life and learning? Maybe it's because too many teachers have told them they had to put their hands up.

And I wondered how is it that we lose our enthusiasm for God? We all do, along the way. We all need to be revived now and then. Maybe it's because too many of us have sqashed our own popping corn reflex. Don't get too excited, now, it might not be a real miracle. Don't put all your prayers in one basket, just in case. Don't be too disappointed if that prayer isn't answered. Don't take any risks and you won't lose any faith. (that last one is definitely a killer and totally untrue).

Maybe the scripture isn't metaphorical when it says we must become like little children - little children whose popping corn reflex is still too hot to handle. :)


WithinReach said...


I can totally relate to the "popping corn reflex". I was thinking recently on how I can jump and scream at a sporting event, but am shy to raise my hands at church!
Thanks for reminding me to "pop".
Kimberley Payne

Marci said...

Yes, you are so right, Kimberley - we all need to pop a bit more for the right reasons. :)M