Monday, February 06, 2006

Laura and Bengali girls

Just wanted to share this photo Laura sent from Bangladesh

It's so good to see her smiling face! :)


LC said...

There are some tests of our faith we would rather not have. For you and your family, I am sure this is one of them. Prayers for peace, and remember that God is faithful. No matter what happens, He is watching over Laura.

hugs, elsie

violet said...

Have you heard from her, Marci?

She looks a darling photographed with those kids. Am praying she'll be surrounded by a wall of angelic protection.

Marci said...

Good thoughts, Elsie. And thanks for the concern, Violet. Laura called the other day and told us not to worry about her - she is safe and staying well away from the areas where the riots have been. But she's going to be doing more traveling around the country soon, so don't stop praying! :) I'm off to Ontario tomorrow so just wanted to say thanks before leaving.