Saturday, May 27, 2006

So Blessed

Praise God. My daughter is home from Bangladesh, safe and sound. It was a delight to meet her in Toronto. As we sat on the subway I marvelled at this girl - young woman rather - who has moved so smoothly from the rickshaw clogged streets of Dhaka to the underground of Toronto, and now to the quiet avenues of small town Alberta, all with a smile and laughter.

How did I get to be so blessed as to have such beautiful, talented, savvy daughters?


Fional said...

When you've got the answer, please let me know! I'm trying to learn how to be gracious and loving towards my three - reflecting the grace and love of God that I'm experiencing right now. Some days are better than others!

Marci said...

Being a reflection isn't easy at the best of times, I guess. And there are always those who seem determined to challenge our sanctification in more ways than one. My daughters have done their share of that, too. So I guess the answer is that we are always blessed, just because we have daughters, even when we'd like to "smack 'em upside the head!"

just_steph said...

I think Mother's are a blessing ~ they love us no matter what and somehow always see the potential in us. I still rely on my mother for advice ~ I don't always agree but I know that she would never steer me in the wrong direction, Mother's always have our best interests at heart.