Friday, July 07, 2006

Friends who Bring Flowers

I hosted our readers' group tonight but it was a little different than the usual. Joanne arrived first, with a cheese ball, crackers and bottle of sparkling (non-alcoholic) grape juice. Then Karen came and I thought I heard them whispering when I was in the kitchen. Karen had brought food too. Finally Terrie arrived. I was in the kitchen again when she came up the stairs so I didn't notice the flowers at first. We chatted in the kitchen for a while until Joanne got impatient and told us to sit down so we could start. Then the flowers (24 long-stemmed roses!) came out and the hand-made card, andTerrie popped the cork and I got out the wine glasses. They toasted me and my book and wished me much success.
How blessed I am to have such friends! :)

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