Sunday, July 30, 2006

On a Sunday Morning

It's Sunday morning. I woke as my husband was crawling out of bed to get ready to leave for his first service in a small town south of here. I woke with an image in my mind of one of the powerpoint slides for his sermon. Then my eyes popped open as I realized I hadn't added the animation to the slides - that's the tool that makes each line pop up on the screen, rather than the whole shooting match all at once.

I scrambled up and as Spence went to get coffee at Tim's I headed for the church. It only took me a few minutes to add the animation to the slides, then we enjoyed our coffee and bagels together. I thanked the Lord for bringing my error of omission to my mind.

So this morning I've had time to post some things to my blogs - just put one up at my blog for writers and it sparked a thought. All over the world people will meet today to worship the Lord. Some, if not all, of that worship will glorify Him and I wondered about the cumulative effect of that. It makes me wonder about the end of our days as we know them - that last day when the Lord will say, "enough" and return.

We so often think it will be the cumulative effect of evil that will herald His coming. But I wonder. Could it be that it will be the cummulation of praise that will finally be enough? Could it be that when Christ is finally glorified to the extent that He is due, He will reveal Himself to us?
I wonder. And I am struck with awe at how glorious that day will be. The whole earth will indeed know and bow the knee to Him as he returns in that blaze of glory.
Oh come, Lord Jesus.


Fional said...

Marci, I led worship in the UK just a couple of hours after you posted. "All over the world, the Spirit is moving" we sang at the end of the service. I love the image of praise cumulating to annouce our Lord's return. Amen, come Lord Jesus.

Marci said...

Hi Fiona - yes, isn't it a wonderful image, and how great that we can connect across the globe to share it!

JPC88 said...

It will be incredible to see him come back with "King of Kings" written on his thigh!

You enjoyed the book "Bad Ground"?
It has been one of my favorites!

Marci said...

Hi John - yes, I enjoyed bad ground. Just read another good one - Waking Lazarus by Tony Hines.