Monday, September 18, 2006

Neil Gaiman and a Sense of Permanence

I just came across this quote by Neil Gaiman -
"I like the stars. It's the illusion of permanence, I think. I mean, they're always flaring up and caving in and going out. But from here, I can pretend... I can pretend that things last. I can pretend that lives last longer than moments. Gods come, and gods go. Mortals flicker and flash and fade. Worlds don't last; and stars and galaxies are transient, fleeting things that twinkle like fireflies and vanish into cold and dust. But I can pretend."

I used to think like this. When I was a teenager one of my favourite places to go was a high cliff on Lake Superior. I went there often because it gave me that sense of permanence that Gaiman refers too. It was an illusion, because, as solid and formidable as those rock cliffs and vast body of water were, they will some day be gone.

Then one day I found out that God is alive and very permanent. Not only will He always exist, He never changes. The scriptures tell us He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Neil Gaiman is a good writer, but he's missing something - he's missing the assurance we can have in an eternal, loving God who will not fade away. It's sad that Gaiman has to pretend "that lives last longer than moments."

As a Christian I know that, because of Jesus, eternal life is mine. It can be his too. I hope some day someone tells him.


Anonymous said...

Actually, that's a quote from Sandman by Gaiman. I think Destruction says it. It's in Brief Lives and is a comment by an immortal being on the mayfly lives of the people around him.

Marci said...

Thanks for clarifying that, anonymous. I saw the quote on a website and all it gave was his name. I wonder how much of what Gaiman thinks/feels came out in that character?

Accidental Poet said...

I do like that quote, though.