Sunday, February 25, 2007

Presenting Israel

As I sit here in our church office, I'm thinking about the presentation tonight. We'll be showing a power-point with our photos of Israel and talking about our trip. The idea of presenting the trip, let alone Israel, in one evening is daunting. The country is tiny but huge in history, spirituality and politics. There were so many moments there - moments of intensity and sudden understanding, moments of awe and joy, moments of feeling connected to ancient history and to the here and now. How do we encapsulate all of that?

As I put the photos together they seemed so meagre - meer shadows compared to the real thing. You can see the photo of the rainbow over the Sea of Galillee but you can't feel that cool breeze; you can't turn your head and see where Jesus probably prepared that conciliatory meal for Peter; you can't take in the green of the hills where He went to pray.

But we will do the best we can, and encourage others to make the journey with us next year, so that they too will have many of those moments of understanding and awe and joy.

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