Friday, October 26, 2007

A little Blue

I'm a little blue today. Things have been hectic at our house. I'm trying to start up a new business, trying to write when I can, trying to be patient while my husband finishes building the office in our basement, trying not to get depressed when I hear my publisher say "sales are down by 30% this year." Great time to launch a book, hey?

And a good friend emailed yesterday to tell me her husband has advanced cancer and has only a short time to live.

And it snowed today.

So I'm kind of blue, kind of cranky, more than kind of heartsick for my friend.

Sometimes life just seems like one long uphill road on a mountain covered in fog. Thank God sometimes the sun breaks through. Thank God sometimes He breaks through and lets us know this isn't all there is. It's about so much more - it's like Mt. McKinley - you can live right beside it and only see the base most of the time. Then every once in a while the fog clears and you just can't stop looking up.

Lord, help me to keep looking up.

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