Monday, December 17, 2007

Off the Back Burner

I've been hearing about "End Times" since I became a Christian about 25 years ago. There was a time when I was very much caught up in the idea that Jesus was coming back any day. Then it sort of got put on a back burner. I still believed it was true, but I wasn't so concerned about watching for all the signs.

Then last year my husband and I went to Israel. I stood on the Golan Heights, stared down at the Valley of Tears and thought, "This place is the pivot of history - past, present and most certainly too come."

Since then some things have happened that have rekindled my interest in those age old prophesies. The one that talks about miraculous things happening, for instance. I've been seeing a few miracles lately. These aren't the kind that come from a friend of a friend of a friend who knows someone who... these are healings that have happened to friends of mine - some of them almost family. These are people I know - people I trust. And they are miracles. Brain tumours don't just disappear on their own. People on their death bead don't usually suddenly get up and go home.

And then there's that news broadcast that talked about the "breakthrough peace agreement" in the Middle East. Well, we'll see.

Yes, we will see all of what the book of Revelation depicts. I suspect it may be quite different from what we think it will be like, but there is one certainty - you won't want to be a stranger to Christ when that day arrives.

It makes me think of those I love who don't know Him yet. And that makes me shiver. I want to shout, Come Lord Jesus, but I also want to shout, Not yet, not yet!

It could be any day. It really could.

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Brandi H. Roberts said...

My husband and I have always had an interest in the end times parts of the bible. At one point, my husband had gotten so disgusted with the way the world was going, he was very much looking forward to seeing the wrath of God pour down on the earth, but God spoke to him in a dream one night and said "You don't want what's coming." God is a merciful God and will hold off until His hand can no longer be put off.

With the news of an expected division of Israel, hopefully it is opening the eyes of many to see how close we are to the end -- and that maybe how they thought things were going to play out, isn't exactly what's going to happen.