Friday, August 01, 2008

A Small Pond

When my husband and I started talking about leaving the community we had lived in for almost 20 years, I started praying. We had no idea where the Lord would take us but I had a few ideas about what I wanted.

I decided to share them with Him. I told Him how much I loved the fireplace in our living room. It would be nice if there was one in our new home.

And water. Oh, Lord, how I would love to live by water again.

And now here we are. There is a fireplace in our small living room - not a wood-burning one, not a very big one, but it does bring warmth on a cold winter night. And water? Well, the Lord does have a sense of humour. I was thinking Lake, or River, or even Ocean.

What I got was pond - a tiny pond. But well used - skated on in the winter, played around in the summer. I can sit in my front window and watch the play of light and wind across it. Right now it's kind of ugly because the town has drained it again. Someone said they did that because they want the beaver to move out. They're killing the trees. (The beaver, not the town). I was amazed to learn there were beaver in what seemed to me little more than a puddle. But they were there. And of course there are birds of various kinds - a family of geese for a while, and a duck or two now. My family and I were getting out of our car one night and stopped to listen to the frogs. They were putting out a veritable chorus. It made us smile.

So it's not a Lake or a River or the Ocean. It's just a small pond. But it is full of life.

As we plant this small church, and live in a small house with a small fire place across from a small pond, I am reminded of the scripture that says - "Who despises the day of small things?" (Zech.4:10)

God's hand, His life, is in it all. And I am grateful.

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