Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I'm writing this from the library in the bustling berg of Bow Island, Alberta. That's about half an hour west of Medicine Hat. Yesterday I was in another "bustling berg" called Foremost, a village of about 500 people who apparently take their snakes seriously as you see by the photo at left.

I spoke at the Christian Women's Club in Foremost, in their brand new Community Hall. About 30 ladies turned out for thier "Fall Fair" and were enthusiastically bidding on bags of carrots and potatoes, quilted items, home made preserves, canned apple pie filling and an assortment of fresh baking. Over $500.00 was raised for Village Missions. It's been a good fall for the farmers in this area. The fields that go on and on to a wide horizon are spotted with large round bales, or resting with pale yellow stubble where wheat waved just a few weeks, or even days ago. The immensity of this land and its bounty is truly one of the wonders of this world.

I feel as though I've entered a bit of a time warp here, and the isolation of vast distances is evident, yet people are people. In the cafe I overheard a young woman talking about passing out on her couch after a night at the local bar but I was served by Mennonite women wearing long cotton skirts and dresses, with their hair bound into a bun at the back of their heads. There was a small plastic holder on the counter holding tracts like - What does Salvation Really Mean and How You can Tell You are Saved. The Bible belt is a reality.

Being among these folks gives me comfort. Though the radio is full of news of doom and gloom, not only in N. America but world-wide, I find myself being calmed by the stability I feel here, the solidity of people who live and work and raise their children in this far flung place, with a dignity and perseverance that is inspiring.

Tomorrow I'll be at Dove Christian Store in Lethbridge for a book signing for One Smooth Stone and Hot Apple Cider, with Jane Harris, author of Stars Appearing: The Galts’ Vision of Canada. Jane has done some promo in the area for the event, so we're hoping for a good turn out. With book signings you never know.

But today I relax in Bow Island and tonight I'll have the privielge of speaking at the Christian Women's Club here, and enjoy another Fall Fair. Perhaps I'll even bid on something this time.

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Brian Wechsler said...

Hello Marci,

Thank you for speaking for Stonecroft Canada and thank you for helping to raise money for Village Missionaries and Stonecroft staff! Missionaries receive a Christmas gift and a staff conference is provided for through this gift.

Brian Wechsler
Executive Director
Village Missions