Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Waiting ….

I’m not good at it. But these things help …

Visits from friends and family who like to play cards, dominoes and laugh a lot.

The brightness of cut spring tulips yellow against the brown stone of the table.

Big geese breaking through thinning ice on the pond; laughing with my husband as we watch.

Driving across country watching the dark earth emerge in patches from beneath the white; willows turning red and beginning to sprout; a spring wind bringing rain.

Studying the Word with friends; scriptures written just for me, just for today, just for that moment.

Waiting … with blessings.

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Judith Lawrence said...

Marcia, I also find that waiting is not easy, I think it is perhaps because we don't know what is at the waiting period. Us humans tend to like to know what is going to happen--we like to have things under our control. But, all in all, it is probably better that things are under God's control and that we rest in him while we wait. Blessings, Judith