Monday, January 09, 2012

The Joy Dare, Day 9

Three things:

a gift in my hand - the small carved wooden pin from Honduras given to me by Pene who is returning there with a medical mission team at the end of this month.

a gift I walked by - the patient room at Tom Baker where the chemo drips from too many IV poles. So glad I'm past that part of this journey.

a gift I sat with - a Muslim woman in the waiting room who picked up the Bible sitting on the coffee table. Perhaps I'll get to chat with her at some point.


Rolly A. Chabot said...

There are many gifts Sister often we fail to see them and yet when we do we are blessed.

Anonymous said...

What great gifts, Marcie. Hoping and praying for continued strength for you and Spence as you go through this time... and healing for you. Tony and I will be in Honduras for 6 weeks this year. When we return we should try to get together for a visit.. it is long overdue..Yvonne de Waal