Sunday, August 12, 2012

Living For Real

Have you ever considered, in this virtual day and age we can ...

send a message to a friend without actually talking on a phone;
take a course at college without actually stepping foot on the campus;
find out all the latest news about any country in the world without actually leaving your living room;
check email without actually having to talk to anyone;
play tennis or basketball without actually stepping onto a court;
read a book without actually holding it in your hands;

But ...

there is nothing like hearing the actual voice of a loved one far away;
there is nothing like sitting in an actual classroom with others of like mind and spirit;
there is nothing like actually experiencing the third world, its people, its culture, its tastes and smells;
there is nothing like actually talking to a friend about their life, hearing the joy/pain/sorrow/laughter in his/her voice.
there is nothing like actually being on a court, hearing the crowd, working with your team-mates;
there is nothing like actually turning the page, feeling the weight of a good book

Don't let life actually pass you by. Live it, for real.

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